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June 10, 2015 thru June 13, 2015

Our Own Swiss Mushroom
Bratwurst -----------------------------------------$ 4.99 LB

Our Own Home Style
Ring Bologna ------------------------------------$ 5.39 LB

Meaty Country Style 
Pork Spare Ribs --------------------------------$ 1.99 LB

Camper Bundle ------------------------------   $ 40.00
Consists Of:
12 ct Pork Bratwurst
12 ct Natural Casing Wieners
12 ct 5-1 Ground Beef Patties
12 ct Breakfast Sausage Linds
1 # Smoked Bacon 
1 Dozen Of Eggs

Locally Raised
Fresh Frozen Rabbit Available

Custom Butchering and Complete Processing
of beef,Hogs,Lambs in our fully state-inspected plant.
Call today to reserve a spot. We butcher every Tuesday.

Year  Round Venison Sausage Processing 
Just bring in your clean, boneless venison with proof of 
registration, and we will make a wide variety of sausage 
for you.