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Dec.17,2014 thru Dec 24, 2014

Fresh Ground 
Chuck -------------------------------$ 3.99 LB

Our Award Winning Whole or Halves
Smoked Boneless Ham -----------$ 4.99 LB

St. Louis Style ( While Supplies Last)
Pork Spare Ribs -------------------$ 2.39 LB

USDA Choice Boneless Beef
Sirloin Tip Roast ------------------$ 4.99 LB

Boneless Center Cut
Pork Chops -------------------------$ 3.89 LB

Bulk In Wine Sauce
Pickle Herring ---------------------$ 5.99 LB

Order your Christmas Hams Early
We will have our Award Winning Boneless Hams and our 
Award Winning Smoked Semi- Boneless Hams .
Also we will have Geese, Duck, Roasting Chickens and
Natural Turkeys, Order early for best selections!

Now Available : Natural Casing German Style Summer Sausage We only make this at Christmas . 
It goes fast-Stop in early!