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specials 4-7-2014 Thru 4-12-2014

USDA Choice Boneless Beef
Chuck Roast--------------------------$ 4.39 LB

Lean Fresh
Ground Chuck-------------------------$ 3.89 LB

Frozen  10-16-20lb average
Turkeys-----------------------------------$ .99 LB
While Supplies Last

Our Homemade Plain or Garlic
Ring Bologna----------------------=----$ 3.99 LB

Our Door County Cherry Marinated
Boneless Pork Ribs-------------------$ 3.99 LB

Our Award Winning
Our Own Homestyle Smoked
Farmers Sausage----------------------$ 4.49 LB

Order your Easter Ham Early
Try our Award Winning Boneless Ham or our Award Winning Semi Boneless Ham

Custom Butchering and complete processing  of Beef, Hogs, Lambs in our fully State
inspected plant. Also curing and smoking Bacon and Hams.
Call today to reserve a spot. We Butcher every Tuesday,
Phone 920-756-2400

Year Round Venison Sausage Processing. Just bring in your clean Boneless venison trim in
food grade bags or freezer paper. Due to inspection we do not accept  venison trim brought
in garbage bags. Bring in proof of registration and we will make a wide variety of sausage
for you.