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Specials Feb-26 Thru March 1, 2014

USDA Choice Boneless Beef
Chuck Roast                                 $ 4.99 LB

Meaty Country Style
Pork Spare Ribs                            $ 1.58 LB
Try our BBQ Sauces 4 varieties to choose from great on Ribs

Center Cut Boneless
Pork Chops                                   $ 3.89 LB

Boneless Skinless
Chicken Breast                             $ 3.99 LB
Our Regular or  Our Marinated Flavors

Our Own
Brat Patties  (6# box)                    $ 2.69 LB

Our Home Style
Plain or Sweet with Raisins
Ring Blood Sausage                     $ 5.59 LB

Locally Raised
Fresh Frozen Rabbit                     $ 3.99 LB

All Specials While Supplies Last