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Weekly Specials 8-26 thru 8-31-13

USDA Choice
Whole Beef Short Loins            $6.39 LB
We will cut into Porterhouse Steaks or T-Bone Steaks
and Ground beef to your specification 25 LB average Wght.

USDA Choice
T-Bone Steak                                          $ 7.99 LB

USDA Choce
Porterhouse Steak                            $ 8.99 LB

  Our Award Winning
Pork Bratwurst                        $ 2.89 LB

Our Door County Cherry Marinated
Or BBQ Marinated
Boneless Pork Back Ribs            $ 2.99 LB

Our Regular or Seasoned
Ground Beef Patties                        $ 3.89 LB
6 LB Box

Campers Bundle  (Last Time This Year)                         $ 34.50
               Consist of 
12 ct Award Winning Bratwurst
12 ct Natural Casing Wieners
12 ct 5-1 Ground Beef Patties
12 ct  Breakfast Sausage Links
                                                      1 # Smoked Bacon
                                                      1  Dozen of Eggs

We Have Locally Raised Fresh Frozen                             Rabbit