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Price List for Venison Sausage

Roehrborn Meats requires a Non-Refundable Deposit of $ 1.00 per Lb. of Venison which will be used a down-payment.  We only accept clean boneless venison trim fresh or frozen. We inspect trim when it comes in and before we process it. We reserve the right to reject any trim not suitable for sausage. You are billed on weight before it goes into smoke house and it is subject to shrink from smoking and cooking process. We estimate the shrink for you, but it is only an estimate.

Summer(plain or garlic)

Slicing Summer(plain or garlic)

Bologna(plain or garlic)

Slicing Bologna(plain or garlic)

Homestyle Wieners

Smoked Polish

Snack Sticks(plain or hot)

Fresh Polish Sausage

Dried Venison


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Storage:  First week is Free.  A $10.00 charge for every week after. 

(Year Round Sausage Making)
-All wild game must be fresh or fresh frozen, boneless and clean, we reserve the right to reject wild game that is not cleaned properly.
-All Venison trim dropped off for processing must be in clean food containers or clear bags, (Black or Gray garbage bags or dirty nonfood packaging will not be accepted.)
-The hunter’s registration metal tag or DNR customer No. must be provided at the time of order.
-Roehrborn Meats will not accept any venison which is harvested from Wisconsin CWD Eradication or management zones.
-Roehrborn Meats will not process any venison that being tested for CWD until the test results are in and negative.
-Due to the large amount of venison taking in for processing it is not possible to give an  estimated completion date. Processing times are determined by date received and by product batching (First in First out) all orders done in order. We will call you as soon as your order is completed. You are responsible to give us correct phone numbers.

We Pride ourselves on Quality great tasting sausage with award winning old family recipes.

-We accepted only clean and fresh or fresh frozen venison
-Your Meat is tagged with your name. If when making sausage your trim does not pass our inspection we will call you. We require $ 1.00 per LB of trim brought in for processing this is nonrefundable fee. We make large batches at a time and we do mix batches. Their for your venison will be mix with other venison. We assure you that we inspect the venison when it comes in and before we process it. If we find that your trim is unacceptable meaning dirty bloody or has hair in it we will call you to pick up your venison trim. Do to the large amount of venison we process each year we cannot give a completion date.
-We use only Fresh Beef & Pork & spices
-Our plant is State Inspected and HACCP Certified
-Our equipment is thoroughly washed and sanitized daily under strict guidelines
-We follow strict sanitation operating procedures as set forth by the state. We have a State Inspector on the premises 5 days per week.
-Our equipment is maintained to produce quality sausage and batches are run continuously;  therefore, it is impossible to do separate small batches and to keep them 100% separate. To do separate batches would require us to clean each piece of equipment between each batch. This is not feasible.

Thank you for your patience. Due to large amount of processing we do yearly, please pick up your order within 1 week of your phone call notification.

Thank You
Roehrborn Meats